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Legna Man Intro

By April 30, 2019 Men

At Legna, we strive to challenge the perception of what manhood means.

We applaud that womanhood is a celebration of being a woman, her mind, body and soul, and yet we have come to realize that in the Western societies manhood is understood as either your genitals, or some kind of a super macho masculine thing. Legna was born out of the need for understanding. Understanding oneself and then passing on that understanding to help others understand. A bit of a mouthful but I’m sure you get it.

Our tagline – Love your manhood – is all about redefining what manhood means to you as an individual and not what you are told through various mediums. To continue this discussion on different levels, we decided to add Legna Man section to the site, to post articles and interviews with various men – some known, some unknown, and talk about sex, health, lifestyle, art, music, film and anything else which floats our boat.

We hope you’ll enjoy our articles as much as we have researching and writing them.

Peace & love.
Trent Payne, co-founder