Made in the UK, our scented luxury candles are plant based and made from biodegradable natural blended wax, created with pure, natural soybean and rapeseed oils with a few secret natural ingredients. All ingredients are composed of non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth 
and care of our environment, while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow.

We have 3 scented luxury candles for men, each with their own distinctive aroma and meaning.


Our willpower has helped us persevere throughout time. We have given each other hope and courage to overcome, to succeed, to tolerate and to love.
Our understanding and empathy has helped us to grow.

With its indulgent and majestically sweet, delicate smokey notes, STRENGTH gives us the reassurance that we sometimes yearn for.
Like the comforting arm of a friend wrapped over your shoulder, STRENGTH goes beyond the physical and enlightens the spirit of your manhood.



Since the early civilisations first mastered the control of fire, it has been at the heart of all our endeavours throughout time.
We have always come together around fires, to share stories, enjoy moments of glory and seek comfort.

With its comforting spicy aromas, enveloped in velvety woody notes, UNITY reminds us of the brotherhood of man.
From the intimate love we share with our partners to the act of welcoming strangers into our abodes, UNITY evokes a sense of tolerance and understanding.



Experiences learned and shared are done through word of mouth or by words in books. We have recorded our history since we were able to mark walls of caves with our hand-prints lit by fires that have lasted millennia.

With its warm and luxurious fragrance, framed in notes of leather, WISDOM brings a sense of welcoming calm and is a perfect accompaniment to relaxing.
It takes us to a place where we can learn and share our experiences at the end of a long day to our friends and loved ones.


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