Company overview

LEGNA London has been created specifically for men and with men in mind.
We know that men like to light candles to create a mood, a cosy environment, an intimate situation. This is what LEGNA is about – a companionship.
We dedicate LEGNA to couples of any persuasion, friends, family, or to those who enjoy the company of their own.

Philosophy & values

We are inspired by the many cultures around the world, which celebrate manhood. 
 From the open fires in small villages, where stories of wisdom were shared, to the vast cities that now spread across the world, creating a modern tribal culture.

We believe in a strong spiritual bond between humans and the earth, which is sometimes hard to recognise in our hectic lifestyles.

It’s when we come home to our own modern caves that we can find time to light a candle and find peace. In some cultures these moments of reflection are referred to as meditation, in other – as prayer.
It’s within these moments we find inner strength, wisdom, peace, courage, love and other qualities that define what manhood truly is.

At LEGNA, starting with our luxury candles, we aim to inspire the liberation of male sensuality. We encourage men all over the world to find peace and be ‘CALM + COLLECTED’.